Earth, meet World.

Subjectivity wasn’t missed. In fact it was the only reason things flourished at all. Success wasn’t measured by personal worth. How could it have been? Subjective purpose was now a redundant ideology of a species long gone. Success was measured by connection and expansion. Yet admired by none, as it was necessity. Not fantasy.

For all their borders, their ‘principles’ and their distorted ethics. When the earth went to war against the world, their ideologies and contingencies for securing their shores were wiped away before the waves had even hit.

Resources were stored and allocated. A kind of self awareness that preceded self awareness. Connected to each other, bound by a symbiosis that only felt natural. The wood wide web. A message to prepare for what was to come travelled great distance. Unbiased of species, lineage or profit. Merely a gift to survival itself. Another generation must remain.

There is a magic out there. It doesn’t care to be noticed or celebrated. It simply is. Always present, always flowing, forever connecting. For if you have ever experienced anything at all, you have already witnessed its might.

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